Chen Yu appears to be a fairly young department store brand available in (exclusive to?) Spain. I say "appears to be" because the brand's website offers woefully inadequate information about its history and  products. These duos were purchased last year in Barcelona's El Corte Ingl├ęs.

The eye shadow duos are packaged in a sleek but weighty plastic case with a large mirror and two humble sponge applicators included. All the shadows were soft but somewhat dry and powdery in texture -- they feel silky to the touch, but definitely "kick up" quite a bit of product.

The gold/olive duo (#104), is considerably less dry and has the superior texture of the two. The gold shade is  quite pale and yellow with a definite sparkle -- not quite a gritty glitter, but the shimmer is pronounced. The olive shade, while not the most complex olive variant I own, has a beautiful golden sheen throughout. The taupe/bone duo (#103), which tended to the sheerer side, is much more satin-matte in comparison, although I can detect some sparse copper shimmer in the taupe pan that doesn't carry over in practice.

Natural light: 103 / 104

Sadly, these shadows photographed horribly. The olive looks much flatter than it is in reality, and the gold appears patchy when it shouldn't be. Overall, the duos are decent, and since I've been shopping my stash, I'll (hopefully) get some more use out of them. If you happen to be in Spain, the Chen Yu counters might be worth a look.

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